The Bets For Your Smart Support

The goal market includes other bets such as the exact number of goals to be scored or the ability to bet on the goals to be scored in a certain part or time.


Betting 메이저 사이트 on corners is a trend today, being one of the betting formats that is growing the most among the modalities in a football match. There is no doubt that we are facing an interesting way to follow the games and, therefore, it has more and more followers. Normally the bookmakers offer us this betting alternative through the “Over / Under”, although we will also find other variants, such as betting on the team that reaches a certain number of corners before.


Do you think we are facing a game where hard play is expected? Does a referee easily to put his hand in his pocket? Will it be a quiet game with not much at stake? Betting on the card market is another of the interesting possibilities that bookmakers offer us and, as with goals or corners, we can bet using the “Over / Under” option.


In the category of special bets we will find a wide variety of alternatives and interesting options: from the possibility of betting on the scorers of a match or which players will be cautioned . Without a doubt, we are talking about a category that offers us very varied bets that we must take into account when deciding what to bet on a football match.

Live Bets (Direct)

The main advantage that we find in live betting is in the real and approximate information that we have on an event, being a market that also offers us numerous options to bet. Today, live betting, also known as Live, is in high demand by players.

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At present, the use of smartphones has exploded and with them access to information in real time and new services. In this context, it is not surprising that betting applications have become a practically indispensable and mandatory option for those who bet and enjoy the excitement of the game.

Sports bet platform, a benchmark in the betting applications sector

Do you know the Sports bet platform app? More than 200,000 live events and sports broadcasts on Sports bet platform TV, slots, 24-hour roulette. The mobile application allows you to place any bet, both in PRE and LIVE mode, in a comfortable, simple and fast way. One of the main peculiarities of this betting app lies in the ease that we will find when navigating the tool thanks to its functional and intuitive design. In addition to placing bets, from the mobile app it is possible to carry out all kinds of actions; withdrawals, income, contact customer service, etc.